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About Foreplay: How Long Should It Be?

Foreplay refers to any sexual activity preceding penetrative intercourse between partners. Its aim is to ignite both the body and mind, ensuring a strong connection before engaging in more intense sexual acts. While spontaneous passion can sometimes lead to immediate intimacy, it’s often more satisfying to build up arousal gradually. This approach allows individuals to […]

hold longer

To Hold Longer During Sex

How can I hold longer during sexual activity? This is a common concern for many individuals, as it can impact self-confidence, relationships, and overall sexual gratification. Fortunately, GASM is here to provide assistance. Here are several practical strategies aimed at enhancing endurance and performance in bed. Throughout this guide, we’ll delve into established methods, ranging […]

kegel exercises

Why You Should Do Kegel Exercises

Why Kegels? What if we informed you of an exercise that you can perform at any moment, regardless of location? Before you consider canceling that gym membership, let’s clarify: we’re not referring to running or weightlifting, but rather, exercising specific muscles… below the belt. We’re talking about KEGELS. However, if you’re among those who wonder, […]

Eight Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Bed

Eight Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Bed

Being naked in front of someone can evoke vulnerability. Add the layer of experiencing genuine pleasure, where unfamiliar faces and sounds arise? Letting down your guard can be daunting, we understand. Although we’re frequently advised that sexual intimacy is an opportunity to reveal our true selves, it can still be anxiety-inducing to completely expose ourselves […]

To Have a Mind-Blowing Orgasms: Erotic Hypnosis

To Have a Mind-Blowing Orgasms: Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnosis used to be seen as fake, but now it’s getting some attention. Forget what you’ve seen in movies – hypnosis is actually pretty helpful for dealing with stuff we don’t want. In this article, we’re checking out how hypnosis can help with sexual problems and make things more fun using the techniques that everyone’s […]


Cultivating Deservability for Pleasure – Hellove Class #21

In the midst of a relentless pace, where to-do lists, aspirations, obligations, and challenges compete for attention, the spotlight on hedonistic desires often fades. Acknowledging the entitlement of joy and pleasure is simple, but integrating it into our daily lives proves to be more challenging. When faced with an abundance of tasks and distractions, doubts […]

orgasm gap

Closing the Pleasure Disparity: Orgasm Gap – Hellove Class #19

Everyone deserves a fulfilling sexual experience. While orgasms aren’t the sole source of pleasure during intimacy, they undeniably play a crucial role. Regrettably, a persistent gap exists in the frequency of orgasm attainment between men and women. About Orgasm Gap The orgasm gap in heterosexual sex reveals a substantial difference in reported climax frequencies between […]

Pleasure Exploration

Sensory and Pleasure Exploration for Couples – Hellove Class #18

Sensory delight is an individual encounter. We can’t inhabit our partner’s physicality, and likewise, they won’t experience the sensations within our own. The nuanced realm of pleasure in their bodies remains unknown to us, just as ours does to them. Thus, it becomes our duty to furnish each other with a guide to our unique […]

Sexual Energy

Tapping into Sexual Energy – Hellove Class #15

Are you aware that harnessing your sexual energy can lead to success in various aspects of your life? By channeling this energy, you have the potential to enhance creativity, boost productivity, foster soul and body healing, and elevate your intimate experiences. Discover the transformative potential of sexual transmutation and ancient tantric practices as we delve […]

Ruined Orgasm

Cum, Disrupted: Discover Ruined Orgasm – Hellove Class #14

About Ruined Orgasm Disrupting the natural sequence, ruined orgasms manifest when an individual, on the brink of climax during their sexual plateau, encounters an interruption. Prevention of ruined orgasms is conceivable, yet they are typically characterized by an orgasm diminished through factors like humiliation, distraction, or disengagement. Rather than unintentional instances, this piece zeroes in […]