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In Hellove, We Do Care Open Relationship

Open Relationship

Love and intimacy are continually evolving. Over the past few years, the concept of open relationship has become increasingly accepted and understood. Here at Hellove, some of us are actively participating in open relationships (Hello, attractive stranger…), while those who are not have engaged in explicit conversations with their partners to determine if it’s suitable for them. Though open relationships aren’t for everyone, they represent more than just a passing trend. Supporters argue that lifelong monogamy might not be natural for humans. Open relationships could provide a healthier way of relating for some individuals.

What is Open Relationship

Open relationships are a type of non-monogamy where both partners consent to having physical or emotional connections with others outside their primary partnership. This approach is based on the belief that a single person doesn’t have to fulfill all of someone’s needs. However, as with any relationship model, it necessitates mutual respect, understanding, and, most crucially, open communication.


Personal Behavior

    • Self-awareness
      Interacting with multiple partners can provide deeper insights into your own desires, boundaries, and insecurities.
    • Emotional Resilience
      Managing the complexities of multiple relationships can strengthen your emotional fortitude and maturity.
    • Improved Communication Skills
      Open relationships demand more frequent and transparent communication, enhancing your ability to articulate feelings and needs effectively.

    Diverse Needs

    • Emotional
      One partner might give you emotional stability, while another brings spontaneity and excitement.
    • Physical
      Different partners can meet various sexual desires, enhancing your overall sexual satisfaction.
    • Intellectual
      Engaging with multiple partners can stimulate intellectual curiosity, leading to deeper discussions and a broader range of topics than you might explore with just one partner.

    Exploring Sexuality

    • Recognizing Desires
      Having multiple partners requires a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.
    • Challenging Stigmas
      Open relationships enable you to confront and dispel negative societal attitudes towards various sexual preferences and fantasies.
    • About Confidence
      Being in an accepting and open environment can enhance your confidence in your sexual identity and choices.

    Tips for A Successful Open Relating

    • Prioritize Your Primary Relationship
      While engaging in outside connections can be thrilling and rewarding, it’s crucial to continue nurturing your primary relationship to keep it strong and secure. Otherwise, it can lead to a gradual breakup. If you want to end your relationship, it’s better to do so directly rather than suggesting an open relationship as a compromise, which benefits no one and undermines the concept.
    • Maintain Open and Honest Communication
      Before starting, both partners should clearly understand and agree on the terms. Discuss boundaries, and acceptable behaviors, and revisit these discussions regularly.
    • Focus on Emotional Well-being
      Regularly check in with each other’s emotional states to address any feelings of jealousy or insecurity promptly.
    • Educate Yourself
      Seek out books, articles, and online resources. GASM offers extensive material on open relationships. Being well-informed helps you navigate potential challenges effectively.
    • Find Some Helps
      Join support groups or forums where individuals share their experiences with open relationships. The GASM community provides valuable insights and support from others on similar journeys.
    • Safety
      If your open relationship includes multiple sexual partners, sexual health must be a priority. Schedule regular health check-ups and have transparent conversations about sexual activity.