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To Masturbate Better – Hellove Class #26

In today’s society, masturbation is no longer a taboo topic but is increasingly recognized as a healthy and natural sexual activity. Whether it’s for self-exploration, stress relief, or simply for pleasure, understanding how to masturbate better can significantly enhance your experience and satisfaction. This article will delve into practical tips and techniques to help you achieve a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

SOLO Foreplay, SOLO Foreplay, SOLO Foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just for partnered sex—it’s also a vital part of solo play. Don’t save all the sensual build-up for when you’re with someone else; instead, indulge in self-teasing and sexual priming to enhance your solo sessions. This doesn’t necessarily require another person (unless you both enjoy it). The goal is to spend time making yourself feel desirable and confident in your own skin. The best part? Simple actions can make a big difference! For example, enjoy your favorite meal while wearing an outfit that makes you feel sexy, or take nudes and keep them just for yourself to see what unfolds. Anything you do before your alone time that relaxes you, gets you in the mood, and builds anticipation will likely enhance your masturbation experience.

Add a Touch of Novelty into the Mix

It’s scientifically proven that novelty is a key component of a satisfying sex life, especially for women, and this principle applies to masturbation as well.

To truly masturbate better, embrace trying new things!

First, evaluate your current masturbation routine. Do you find yourself in the same spot at the same time each day, using the same lube, lighting, and fantasy? If so, it’s time to mix things up!

Even small changes can boost your experience by adding a bit of excitement. If you live alone, try masturbating in a different room. Rely on a favorite toy? Set it aside and go “acoustic.”

Remember, it’s normal if a new approach doesn’t work immediately. Give it a few tries before deciding if it’s for you.

Practice Makes Masturbate Better

We won’t claim that practice makes perfect when it comes to masturbation, but it certainly can make it better. The key is to approach solo play as more than just a quick, one-off event. Instead, take the time to explore and experiment with your body and pleasure repeatedly. Tips 1 and 2 are effective, but only if you engage in them multiple times and thoughtfully reflect on each experience.

Make it Feel Great

Don’t hesitate to treat your solo play with the same level of anticipation as partnered sex. It’s perfectly fine to find the idea of a fully charged toy waiting for you at home just as thrilling as a horny partner or two. Build up the excitement, try something new multiple times, and see what unfolds. By repeating this process, you can truly enhance your masturbation experience. Only way to masturbate better is in your hands!

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