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Try to Reach the Orgasm Button in the Mysterious Garden – Clitoris


People are increasingly realizing that attention to the clitoris is a key factor for external genital patients to experience pleasure, but practical education on its meaning is scarce. It is an undeniable fact that too many people actually don’t know how to locate the clitoris. A significant number of external genital patients require some form of clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. While the clitoris is an incredibly sensitive area, even considered the primary source of orgasm for individuals with external genitalia, it is not a push-button that immediately transports someone to their desired destination. It’s more like driving, where starting the engine requires a qualified driver’s license and driving experience to guide you to your destination. To help you navigate further on the pleasure journey of the clitoris, we provide knowledge about clitoral care and caresses to enhance your driving experience.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Clitoris

The clitoris is indeed a larger organ than one might imagine. The majority of it is internal, with only the clitoral glans visible externally. The entire clitoral organ bears a resemblance to an inverted wishbone. Much like the penis, the glans and bulbs of the clitoris consist of erectile tissue, which houses thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels, all concentrated in a compact area. Upon stimulation, blood flows to these regions, leading to tissue swelling and heightened sensations. When arousal occurs, the labia of the external genitalia also fill with blood and can expand up to three times their normal size. This is essentially the clitoral equivalent of an erection!

Some Strategies for Exceptional Clitoral Stimulation

Before we dive into the discussion, it’s important to note that everyone has different levels of desired/expected stimulation. Some people require continuous, firm stimulation, while others may only need the slightest intermittent touch to experience pleasure. Don’t be afraid to explore what works for you and try variations in speed, pressure, and more. Remember to communicate openly, as no one will know unless you speak up.

  • Using lubricant enhances every experience:
    Lubricant is like the essential salt in every dish – adding it when seeking pleasure is unlikely to go wrong!
  • Stop when something went wrong:
    This is not like an exam with a standard answer. The only truth you need to recognize is, if it’s not comfortable, then stop.
  • Communicate and share your feelings:
    Just like climbing a unfamiliar mountain path, having a familiar guide can save a lot of time and energy; especially in those intimate moments meant for two. You don’t have to guess, let them guide you.
  • Offer an opportunity:
    In general, when an action doesn’t immediately elicit a pleasurable response from a partner, people tend to abandon it and opt for something else to please them. However, patience is often key; allowing nerve endings to genuinely sense your efforts can lead to heightened sensations. Don’t give up too quickly; give it a bit more time.

Exploring Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

What you use to tease this little bean doesn’t matter; what matters is how you tease it. There are numerous techniques to explore, and plenty of sex toys are available to assist. Below, we list several sex toys we recommend to complement your exploration of the secrets of the clitoris. This is just a part of our recommendations, not an exhaustive list! Everything is about freedom, and all possibilities should be allowed. We encourage you to choose the way that suits you best.

Types of Sex Toys to Use on a Clitoris

Several ways to tease the Clitoris:

  • Play the Piano:
    Employ your hands to generate a rhythmic percussion feeling on the clitoris.
  • Tickle & Caress:
    Softly tickle or caress the clitoris.
  • Tingling Sensations:
    Encircle the clitoris with your lips during oral, humming to produce a vibrating sensation.
  • More Precise Striking:
    Perform a precise massage using the tip of your tongue beneath the central hood.
  • Kiss & Tease:
    Express affection during play by kissing and gently nibbling on the genitals.

This is just a collection of personal experiences; there is no fixed template, and everything is determined by the sensations of you and your partner’s bodies!