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Touch your Love with Fingers – Hellove Training #02

finger play

Fingering—the act of stimulating the vagina, clitoris, or anus with fingers—is one of those behaviors frequently seen in porn but challenging to perfectly replicate in real life. Despite the historical use of fingers for genital stimulation, there are still individuals unwilling to engage in finger play. Here, we will attempt to guide you into that mysterious realm, endeavoring to learn how to stimulate, please, and ensure the pleasure and safety of each participant.

Unveiling the Female Intimate Area and Anal Region

Gently touching your partner with your fingers can be the most direct and straightforward form of pleasure, serving as a versatile prelude that extends to your favorite sexual toys and positions. It can also become a themed activity. The confidence to transform your fingers into a magical wand largely depends on your self-assurance in control. In this guide, we will carefully introduce various areas and how to maximize their pleasure.

The Clitoris: Exposed tissue located at the top of the external genitalia, below the mons pubis. It is typically covered by a thin layer of skin known as the clitoral hood, which can be retracted for better stimulation. You can stimulate this area by massaging the labia majora and labia minora or by directly stimulating the clitoral glans.

The Labia: Refers to the folds of skin and fatty tissue extending from the pubic bone. The labia majora indicates the outer layer of skin with growing hair, while the labia minora refers to the inner layer of skin around the vaginal opening and the erectile tissue. The labia are rich in nerve endings, ensuring sensitivity to gentle finger play.

The Vagina: Pathway for penetration by the penis or a sexual toy to stimulate sensitive areas like the G-spot. This region is supported by the muscles of the pelvic floor, which contract during sexual climax, ensuring adequate lubrication before insertion. It is important to note that excessive force is not recommended from the outset. Yes, it does not require excessive force.

The Perineum: The thin skin that separates the bottom of the vaginal opening and the anus. This area is highly innervated, making it extremely sensitive to touch. Trying the occasional stimulation can lead to unexpected surprises.

The Anus: Many people enjoy stimulating the anus to activate nerve endings. However, please be mindful of cleaning beforehand and cleaning afterward, as this area is an essential excretory part of the human body, and you wouldn’t want it to be injured.

Safety Tips

Many people consider fingering to be akin to the sexual act of handjobs. Unlike manual stimulation, where there are simple up-and-down movements and occasional twisting actions, fingering requires more flexibility. To make your fingers dance on the crest of orgasm, you may need to prepare the following:

  • Use a Lubricant:
    Lubrication is an essential element for both internal and external finger stimulation. Many individuals opt for commercially available lubricants to enhance the natural moisture of the external genital area, preventing skin from experiencing any discomfort, which is a prudent choice.(The anus is not self-lubricating so you need the store-bought lube!)
  • Wash Your Hands:
    Washing your hands before finger play, and engaging with a partner is a crucial step in preventing the spread of bacteria. It is essential to thoroughly clean your hands before initiating any activity to ensure they are clean!
  • Trim Your Nails:
    Trimming your nails is considered necessary before engaging in any form of finger stimulation. Of course, this involves safety considerations. What you need to know is that it’s not necessarily the length of the nails but the jagged edges that carry bacteria and risks far beyond your imagination.

Toys you Might Need

Training requires step-by-step learning, so in the journey of exploring your body, you may need the assistance of some sex toys.