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Size Up Your Anal Plugs – Hellove Training #01

Anal Plugs

Exploring the realm of anal play, are you? As you might be aware, the anus is rich in nerve endings, presenting a potential source of pleasure—yes, even if you don’t have a prostate! However, just like any physical activity, it’s recommended to incorporate some stretching beforehand, like using anal plugs.

What Is Anal Training

For those focused on anal exploration, a slow and careful start is crucial. There is no specific timetable, and how much preparation or time you need is not defined. However, as long as you listen to your body and sensations, you will find a pace that suits you. Some questions to consider at the beginning may include:

  • Do I want to try using sex toys?
  • Am I willing to explore with a partner at the outset?

Anal Training You Should Know

Dissimilar to the vagina, the anus lacks self-lubrication. Owing to its thinner and more sensitive tissue, it is inherently delicate. We highly recommend employing protective devices and ample lubrication to prevent tearing and the occurrence of sexually transmitted infections. It’s crucial to understand that anal insertion becomes smoother not because your anus is being stretched but due to gaining better control. Engaging in safe sex not only contributes to your health but also amplifies pleasure. We strongly discourage the use of numbing creams and agents during anal play, as they can hinder your natural pain response and potentially lead to injury. Just as with anything else, pay attention to and trust your body while enjoying your limits. Both physical and mental relaxation during the exploration process enables you to fully embrace the enjoyment.

To Start Anal Training

  1. Commence with breathing exercises. Enter a more relaxed state. Allow your body and mind to be in a better condition. As you unwind, your anus will also relax.
  2. Grab a bottle of lubricant. Especially for the anus, finding a product with a gel-like consistency helps form a better barrier, preventing potential discomfort from friction. Silicone-based lubricants have a longer lifespan, but water-based lubricants are more compatible with materials used in sex toys. Apply a generous amount to both internal and external areas, as well as any sex toys or components you choose to use during the insertion process.
  3. Breathe and relax. When using muscles you’re not accustomed to, you must do things you’re not used to doing. Start by getting your anus accustomed to insertion. This can be done with or without sex toys. Begin with small items like a clean finger or beginner sex toys to help your body experience new sensations. Relax the muscles and continue doing so until the sensations become more familiar. Through relaxation, this action becomes easier.
  4. Upgrade. Once you are comfortable with this, you can prepare to explore with some larger sex toys!

Anal Training Kits for Every Level

Hellove® Dilator Expanding Silicone Anal Plugs Kit


Dilator allows you to explore anal stimulation in a safe and comfortable environment, reducing discomfort with each use. This attractive four-piece set enables you to gradually increase the size of the probe as your body adapts to this sensation. The length and girth of each probe progressively increase, accompanied by a flexible base for secure placement and easy removal. All four probes are specifically designed for maximum comfort, mobility, and usability, allowing for a gradual increase in size.

Hellove® Rose Anal Plugs Kit

Rose Anal Plugs Kit

Explore the delightful sensations of anal play with this three-piece training kit, designed to gradually increase in size, allowing you to slowly discover this unique satisfaction! The creamily smooth silicone reduces friction, gliding effortlessly with the aid of lubricant, and the slight flexibility of the handles moves with your body, letting you focus on pleasure! Relaxation is crucial before inserting the plugs during anal play. If you experience extreme discomfort or pain, please stop and consult a doctor.

Hellove® T-Bar Base Heart-Shaped Silicone Anal Plugs Kit

anal traning post 1

T-shaped anal plug offers a more stimulating experience in terms of width compared to the previous two products. The tapered end facilitates easy and progressive insertion, and regardless of how intense your encounter is, the flared base securely anchors the plug in place. As you become more accustomed to this sensation, gradually progress to the medium and large sizes. Whether you’re training yourself for backdoor adventures, helping your partner prepare for insertive fantasies, or simply seeking to experience the pleasure of anal penetration, this convenient set allows you to explore the wonders of anal play.