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Cum, Disrupted: Discover Ruined Orgasm – Hellove Class #14

Ruined Orgasm

About Ruined Orgasm

Disrupting the natural sequence, ruined orgasms manifest when an individual, on the brink of climax during their sexual plateau, encounters an interruption. Prevention of ruined orgasms is conceivable, yet they are typically characterized by an orgasm diminished through factors like humiliation, distraction, or disengagement.

Rather than unintentional instances, this piece zeroes in on the purposeful act of orchestrating ruined orgasms. Within the realm of BDSM scenes, this unconventional inclination has gained traction as an effective means of asserting dominance and can contribute to conditioning the body for prolonged, meticulously controlled climaxes.

As individuals delve deeper into the realm of ruined orgasms, they can train their bodies to endure heightened levels of stimulation. Central to this process is the concept known as “hang time,” denoting the interval between stimulus cessation and orgasmic culmination. Extended hang times are purported to lead to some of the most heightened experiences of ruined orgasms.

Sensation of Ruined Orgasms

In the realm of BDSM, recipients of a ruined orgasm can experience a range of diverse physical and emotional reactions. The body may undergo sensations like aching or a buzzing feeling in the genitals as it adapts to abrupt interruptions in stimulation. This engorged state might persist well beyond the apparent climax, with some describing it as a state of suspended pleasure.

What do Ruined Orgasms Look Like?

Devoid of the explosive intensity often depicted in pornographic portrayals of male orgasms, ruined orgasms assume a different character. The nature of a ruined orgasm exhibits a spectrum of variation in terms of both intensity and consistency. Typically characterized as a watery, leaky fluid, it appears to seep or ooze out of the penis autonomously.

Why do People Enjoy Ruined Orgasms?

Rooted in the foundations of BDSM, the appeal of ruined orgasms is multifaceted and can be attributed to elements such as power dynamics, teasing, and denial. According to a Reddit user, it revolves around the absence of control, emphasizing the inevitability of the orgasm. The providers of ruined orgasms also derive satisfaction from wielding this power. Orchestrating a ruined orgasm deconstructs pleasure, creating new avenues for connection by dismantling the partner’s satisfaction.

How to Ruin & Chain Orgasms

  • Seeking Pleasure Signals
    Numerous signals manifest as your partner approaches their pleasure peak. Note testicle retracting, penis pulsation, and leg muscle tension for signs of approaching pleasure. Additionally, vocal cues like whimpers, grunts, and moans, serve as excellent indicators of your partner’s pleasure.
  • Activate the Frenulum
    The frenulum, a sensitive fold of skin on the underside of the penis located just below the glans, can be aroused through licking, sucking, or stroking with a lubricated hand or finger. Direct your focus to this highly sensitive region of the genitals.
  • Let It Go
    Halt the stimulation as your partner teeters on the edge of orgasm, permitting their natural reflexes to assume control. This instigates the “hang time” phase, ultimately inducing the experience of a ruined orgasm. Replicating this effect is achievable with a sex toy by transitioning from higher to lower power settings, simulating the effect of a diminishing or weakening motor.
  • Tease & Humiliate
    During the “hang time,” take advantage of the optimal moment to tease and taunt your partner. Options include lightly grazing your fingers over nearby erogenous zones, engaging in light slapping, incorporating dirty talk, or exploring ball busting. All of which are popular methods to intensify the experience of a ruined orgasm.
  • Administer Post-Orgasmic Stimulation
    In the 1-5 minutes following your partner’s ruined orgasm, introduce gentle post-genital stimulation to promote a chained orgasm. Chained orgasms prove most effective after a ruined orgasm, as they avoid the automatic refractory responses associated with a typical penis orgasm.