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Strategies to Elevate Self Love Memont – Hellove Class #05

Level up your pleasure this Self Love Christmas! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to have satisfying solo sex this winter. Continue reading to see our favorite winter sex toys, the best solo activities, and more!

Self Love

Do with Sex Toys

Sex toys offer a means to evoke sensations that may be challenging to replicate using hands or mouth alone. They serve as a fantastic avenue for alleviating performance anxiety, combating fatigue, and redirecting focus back to your partner. Discover a novel realm of sensations by exploring a unique category of sex toys. Venturing into diverse styles of pleasure products allows us to unlock unimagined delights. With continual advancements in pleasure technology, discovering your ideal intimate companion has become more accessible than ever. Explore the latest innovations at Hellove!

Fuse Your Climax

Experience the perfect union of pleasure by indulging in dual stimulation for a blended orgasm. Overwhelm your senses with erotic stimuli by simultaneously engaging multiple erogenous zones, such as the nipples and clitoris or the prostate and penis. With a variety of options to explore, discover your ideal combination for an unparalleled pleasure experience.

Edge Yourself

Edging involves deliberately postponing orgasm to intensify the experience. This self love practice allows you to prolong pleasure, reach heightened peaks, and become more attuned to your body. Whether you’re engaging in solo play or with a partner, incorporating edging into your routine can lead to more nuanced and powerful orgasms.

Lube Over

Elevate your pleasure, whether solo or with a partner, by incorporating lube into your intimate moments. A quality lubricant enhances comfort and smoothness, offering a variety of formulations, thicknesses, flavors, and textures. Choosing the right lubricant tailored to your body chemistry and preferences can significantly transform your sexual experiences. Consider factors such as compatibility with your sex toys, the presence of sugar or glycerin (affecting stickiness), and the density of the lubricant (thicker options create a cushioning layer on the skin).

Awaken Your Senses

Human body possesses a remarkable capacity to respond to and balance erotic stimuli. When certain senses are restricted, alternative forms of stimulation can intensify, creating what we term “muted pleasure.” Sensory play is not limited to partnered experiences; you can enhance your own senses with a blindfold or ball gag. Explore new sensations by touching yourself through a layer of hosiery or introducing unexpected flavors to excite your senses.