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Providing Sexual Feedback – Hellove Class #11

Sexual Feedback

Though it holds true, fostering open and clear communication about your sexual relationship with your partner(s) and providing sexual feedback can lead to a multitude of positive results.

About Sexual Feedback

Describing your sensations, stimulation, emotions, and the impact of sex to your partner constitutes sexual feedback. It provides an avenue to share the experience, allowing room for ongoing improvement and fostering personal and relational intimacy. When approached with kindness and openness from all involved partners, it can serve as an exceptionally healthy form of communication within a sexual relationship.

Why Provide Sexual Feedback?

Building a strong foundation of communication and fostering easy discussions about your desires, suggestions, fantasies, and concerns can help you achieve your pleasure potential. Research indicates that couples who communicate effectively about their sex lives tend to experience greater overall satisfaction in their relationships. What could be better than reaching your highest potential for pleasure?

Why Receive Sexual Feedback?

Turning things around, allowing your partner the freedom to vulnerably express their desires and needs within the relationship can bring mutual long-term benefits to both of you.

Unlocking Enhanced Pleasure: The Impact of Feedback

Embracing the concept that empathy can be infused into the creation of a vibrant and stimulating intimate relationship, we cherish the notion of “treating others the way you want to be treated.” Stepping into your partner’s shoes (or lingerie?) offers you the opportunity to respond in a manner that acknowledges and respects their feelings, just as you would desire reciprocation for yourself.

How to Give Sexual Feedback


  • After completing the action, refrain from immediate communication. This might evoke excessive emotions or vulnerability for many individuals.
  • Attire is essential. Even a simple robe can provide a sense of security and foster openness during what might be a challenging conversation.
  • Choose a neutral setting wisely. Avoid conducting discussions in the bedroom to maintain a neutral atmosphere.


  • Integrate your desires with dirty talks.
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere throughout.
  • Allow your actions to convey the message – not universally applicable, but if your goal is to express “more” or “repeat that,” a gesture might suffice.
  • Engage in a little show and tell – Demonstrate precisely what you desire by performing the action on them or yourself!


  • Initiate discussions about intimacy early on in your relationship to build trust. This paves the way for ongoing open conversations. If you missed the initial opportunity, it’s never too late. Starting anytime is possible, but establishing a groove might require extra effort if your sexual relationship is well-established.
  • Avoid complaining, as it triggers defensiveness and threats to communication. Complaining is a guaranteed way to elicit these reactions from your partner.
  • Maintain a positive tone in your comments. Consider the “compliment sandwich” for constructive feedback, sandwiching the less pleasant part between two positive elements.
  • Ease into sharing fantasies, beginning with more straightforward ones and ensuring your partner’s role is considered.
  • Overcome fear and share. Our fantasies are more common than we think, falling into a few recognizable categories.
  • Prioritize your own pleasure to understand your desires and likes, alleviating the pressure of performance anxiety.
  • Don’t rely on mind-reading. Be explicit, offering explanations or instructions to help your partner understand your desires.
  • Listen actively and pose questions to enhance communication.