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Oral Sex Tips & Techniques: Enhance BJ Skills – Hellove Class #22

At Hellove, we find joy in enhancing pleasure and safety. Join virtual workshops for intimate insights at home. Our first, “Oral Pleasure Insights,” improves comfort and shares valuable tips. Learn to nurture intimacy, explore top-notch products for an elevated experience!


Remember These:

  • Engagement and Agreement. No one’s a mind reader. Keeping things open and honest with both yourself and your partner is key for a satisfying and enjoyable time in the bedroom. Make it a habit to chat with your partner about what feels good, what you both like or don’t like, and how you’re feeling—before, during, and after getting intimate.
  • Regular body scents are a common occurrence. Don’t worry about your scent in the intimate area, as long as you maintain proper hygiene. Your partner might even be intrigued by your inherent fragrance!
  • Having a sensitive gag reflex is totally fine. Your gag reflex is basically your body’s survival mode kicking in. Even if it’s a bit of a hassle sometimes, try giving it props for doing its job. One trick to make it less bothersome is to get friendly with the back of your throat by gently brushing it with a toothbrush every day.

Tips and Hacks:

  • Deep Throat – If you’re down to go deep, that’s awesome! Here’s a little trick: go for the Lie Back position (check it out below!). It lines up the goods and your throat, taking off some pressure and making the gag reflex less of a hassle.
  • The Lean-Back Stancehe – Just lay back on the bed, let your head dangle a bit off the edge, and face your partner who’s standing. Your eyes will be looking up at them in a playful upside-down way. Tilt your head back for a more relaxed throat position.
  • Multi-Stim – If deep-throating isn’t your vibe right now or just not your thing, that’s cool. There are other ways to give a similar feel. Just grab the base of his shaft and sync up the movement of your hand and mouth in a rhythmic way.
  • It’s Not JUST About the COCK – While you’re going down, spice things up by giving some love to the areas around the penis—play around with the scrotum, perineum, and maybe even the anus if you’re both on board. See if your partner enjoys some ball action; it can be a real game-changer. Get creative with your tongue, mouth, and hands to find what feels just right. If you’re both into it, ease into anal play with one finger at a time and, of course, lube up.

More Skills

  • Head Straight to the Prostate – Take your blowjob up a notch by bringing in a well-lubed finger or a prostate toy, like the Hellove® Saint. But, of course, make sure your partner is cool with some anal play before you go there. Get hands-on with a gentle massage and some pressure on his prostate to send him over the edge. A curved finger or a nifty toy like this plug can do most of the work for you, leaving your hands free for extra fun.
  • Have Some Fun for Yourself While You’re Busy Pleasingyourself – Even when you’re busy giving pleasure, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive some in return! Let your fingers or hands explore, or grab your favorite vibrator or masturbator for some self-indulgence. We like the Flirt.
  • Epic Shot – Think about where you want your partner to finish before things get too heated. If oral is the warm-up, slow down if they’re close. Feel the vibe, switch to hands if you prefer a different finish.
  • Afterwards – Have a chat with your partner about ways to feel all warm and connected after the big finish. Help each other tidy up, give compliments, and cozy up for good vibes. Remember, blowjobs should be enjoyable for both—try these tips for a better experience!