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I can’t give you anything except happiness——Clitoris

The clitoris is an intricate and fascinating organ, it is an erectile tissue that combines muscles and nerves. It visible to the naked eye is just the glans exposed outside the body, which is just the tip of the iceberg of the clitoris. Three-quarters of it is hidden in the body, and it is also the place with the densest nerves, with more than 8000 nerve ending.

About clitoral stimulators, many kinds of sex toys, help the clitoris reaching orgasm.

The Clitoris and Orgasm:

Contrary to popular belief, orgasm is not solely attained through vaginal stimulation. Research indicates that stimulating the clitoris is crucial for achieving orgasm in over half of all women. In contrast, two-thirds of the vaginal canal lacks nerve endings, rendering it less sensitive compared to the clitoris. This underscores the paramount importance of direct clitoral stimulation for women to reach orgasm, highlighting it as a primary source of sexual pleasure.

Unique Characteristics and Function:

Intriguingly, the clitoris, predominantly composed of erectile tissue, serves no reproductive purpose. Instead, its remarkable erectile capabilities are owed to cavernous tissue, enabling engorgement and increased sensitivity during sexual arousal. Remarkably, it is stands alone as the sole organ in humans solely dedicated to sexual pleasure. Its existence, without any reproductive function, and its existence has only one reason — to make girls happy!

You must know several truths about the clitoris:

  1. There are more than 8000 nerve ending on the Clitoral glans, twice as many as on the penis;
  2. 95% of girls can achieve orgasm by stimulating it;
  3. Clitoral orgasm has no post-fap clarity, it only becomes happier every time;
  4. The function of the clitoris does not decline with age.

Societal taboos, misconceptions, and a lack of comprehensive education have often overshadowed the significance of this remarkable organ. It is essential to address these barriers and promote a deeper understanding of the clitoris to empower individuals in embracing their sexual well-being. So let us embrace its power, and embark on a journey of pleasure, happiness, and self-discovery.

Now what reason do you have for not using it to create happiness?