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How to Use Your Fist – Hellove Class #12

The world of fisting may appear to be an adventurous endeavor, yet with a suitable partner and ample lubrication, it has the potential to bring immense satisfaction. This blog will delve into the techniques, risks about fist, and rewards associated with this practice.

About Fisting

Fisting, also known as handballing or fist-fucking, involves the insertion of a hand into either the rectum or vaginal canal. The fingers can take on the form of a clenched fist, heightening sensation through the ridges of the knuckles. Alternatively, the fingers can be brought together, creating an elongated shape—especially suitable for those new to fisting. While it can be done independently, fisting has gained popularity in partnered activities due to the intimate nature of the practice.

Why Try Fist

Pleasure is often derived from the rich concentration of nerve endings in the anal sphincter, contributing positively to our bodily experiences. Many individuals find pleasure in anal sex due to the stimulation of this innervated area. The vaginal canal and rectum, being narrow passages, respond well to pressure and dilation. Enhanced stimulation of the G-spot and P-spot can be achieved by introducing larger objects into these regions. Those who appreciate the sensation of fullness or the use of more substantial penetrative objects may discover satisfaction in handballing.

Ingredients for a Perfect Fist-Play Experience

  • Lubrication is a crucial element for a satisfying fist-play encounter. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to both the hand and the chosen orifice to heighten pleasure, improve comfort, and minimize the risk of tearing. It’s essential to emphasize that the anal cavity does not naturally produce lubrication. When engaging in anal fisting, ensure the liberal application of lubrication to prevent fissures and prolapses.
  • Nitrile gloves are a common choice for those engaging in fist-play, especially for anal fisting. They are preferred for anal activities due to their ability to hinder the accumulation of bacteria beneath the nails.
  • Initiating with foreplay involves using two or three fingers initially, gradually adding more as your partner becomes increasingly aroused. Alternatively, investing in a set of dilators can aid in gradually acclimating the body to larger penetrating objects.

Risks of Fisting Improperly

Vaginal fisting generally involves minimal risks, but improper anal fisting may result in issues such as anal fissures, fistulas, or prolapse. These potential problems can be effectively prevented by ensuring generous lubrication. After engaging in vaginal fisting, be vigilant for any spotting, as it may signal micro-tears in the vaginal canal. A piece of advice: proceed gradually and pay close attention to your body’s cues!

Techniques for Engaging in Fist Play

  • The Quiet Swan: Employed in fisting, the “quiet swan” method facilitates better adaptation of the body to the hand’s size and shape. Form a duck bill by bringing together all five fingers. Using a well-lubricated hand, gently introduce the fingertip into the chosen orifice. After fully submerging the palm, you have the option to clench your hand into a fist or maintain the quiet swan position.
  • Punching: Punching represents a more assertive approach to fisting, characterized by entering a partner with the hand tightly clenched into a fist. This technique is most suitable for those with experience in handballing. For fisting novices, it is advisable to commence with the “quiet swan” method.
  • Twisted: Upon insertion, rotate your wrist in either direction, producing a swirling sensation. For some, the dilation of the anal or vaginal canal is more pleasurable than the motion itself. Discover what brings the most satisfaction to you and your partner, or initiate with the Rotational Technique before progressing to extended strokes.
  • Full Stroke: True to its name, the complete thrust involves executing a traditional in-and-out motion. Glide your hand within the rectum or vaginal canal, stimulating the entire passage.