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Guide Blended Orgasms to Beginners – Hellove Class #06

About Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm occurs when simultaneous stimulation of two or more erogenous zones leads to climax. The experience is often described as more intense or powerful due to increased activation of multiple areas of the body and nerve endings. The term “blended” is used because it involves experiencing two or more orgasms simultaneously.

Even if you weren’t aware of this term, it’s quite possible, if not likely, that you’ve had such an experience. While the clitoris and G-Spot are commonly associated with blended orgasms, anyone can achieve this type of climax by incorporating various erogenous zones for their pleasure.

How Many Types of Blended Orgasms?

We conducted a survey among our Facebook followers, inquiring about the various types of blended orgasms they have encountered. What about you? Were you aware that combining nipple stimulation with clitoral stimulation equals a blended orgasm? We’ll see.

  • Have You Ever Had a Blended Orgasm?
    • Yes 72% 
    • Not Yet 28% 
  • If So, Which Two Spots Got a Blended Orgasm?
    • G-Spot + Clitoris 55%
    • Nipples + Clitoris 20%
    • Prostate + Penis 5%
    • Clitoral + Anal 5%
    • Frenulum + Balls 3%
    • Anal + Vaginal 7%
    • G-Spot + Anal 5%

The blended orgasm isn’t limited to just two erogenous zones. Have the G-Spot, clitoris, AND nipples in the mix? GO. FOR. IT. LADY. This equation results in significantly heightened orgasmic intensity, but feel free to verify our calculations and test the formula yourself to ensure the accuracy of the results.

To Have A Blended Orgasm

Don’t overlook foreplay. Similar to orgasms in general, the more time you invest in bringing your body to a genuinely aroused state, the greater the likelihood of experiencing a powerful and mind-blowing orgasm. Being fully aroused also increases the likelihood of having multiple orgasms!

Full Participations
In partnered sexual activities, feel free to request your partner’s assistance in stimulating one area while you focus on another.

Toys, Toys, And Toys
Sex toys are great for blended orgasms because they are often designed to work with multiple erogenous zones or can take some of the effort out of things by targeting one erogenous zone with specific stimulation, so you’re free to focus on other parts. Sex toys make it easier to have a blended orgasm whether you’re going at it solo or sharing the pleasure with a partner.

As we mentioned above, the most commonly known version of the blended orgasm is the G-Spot and clitoris combo. Rabbit Vibrators are what we sometimes call “dual action” because they are made to pleasure both of those erogenous zones. 

Best Toys to Get Blended Orgasms

Rabbit Vibrators
Certainly, when it comes to achieving a blended orgasm for individuals with vulvas, rabbit vibrators stand out as one of the most straightforward and effective toys. Notable options in this category include the Cherry Blossom & Bliss 360.

Contemporary Simulation Tools
Explore a world of pleasure for bodies with penises and testicles using innovative toys that invite creativity in stimulation! The Daji 3-in-1 Penis Ring Vibrator is a personal favorite for this purpose. Experience heightened intensity by combining pleasure around both the penis and prostate. Consider trying the Training Vibration Tapping Cock Ring with the Bowdy Heating Prostate Anal Wireless Vibrator, or experiment with the Olib Wearable Vibrator Cock Ring along with the King Ⅱ!

Anal Plugs & Massagers
Enhance your blended orgasm by incorporating anal play, unlocking a realm of heightened pleasure with these outstanding sex toys: Dilator Anal Plugs Kit, Diamond Anal Plug, and Titus 11+11 Prostate Wireless Vibrator. For the perfect finishing touch to your orgasmic experience, don’t overlook nipple clamps and finger vibes – the cherries on top of your pleasure sundae!