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To Talk Dirty During Sex – Hellove Class #16

dirty talk

Engaging in erotic conversation without any awkwardness can be challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to expressing yourself in a sensual manner. Although it may appear intimidating, mastering the art of dirty talk offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance intimacy with your partner, adding a seductive touch that feels both genuine and alluring. Whether you aspire to refine your ability to communicate provocatively during intimate moments or in the enticing buildup to them, we’re here to provide guidance on making dirty talk a more enjoyable and less anxiety-inducing experience.

Embrace yourself and recognize you are sexy

In the journey of mastering the art of dirty talk, there’s a crucial reminder: acknowledge your inherent sexiness! If you find yourself seeking a confidence boost, initiating self-exploration of your erogenous zones through masturbation serves as a fantastic foundation. Becoming intimately familiar with your body, its responses, and your personal turn-ons enables you to sensually convey this knowledge to a partner when the moment arises.

Preparing some talk in advance can be sexy

When we suggest “preparation,” we’re not advocating for overthinking and stressing out. Instead, contemplate the upcoming experience and consider potential expressions that may naturally arise during the unfolding moments or the act itself. For instance, if you plan to incorporate sex toys, you could sensually ponder which ones align best with your desires for that specific night. If exploring anal toys for pegging is on the agenda, you might communicate to your partner the emotions stirred by the idea of penetration, describing the physical reactions your body experiences in response to these thoughts.

Build up you own dirty talk during sex

If engaging in face-to-face dirty talk feels overwhelming, consider starting from a distance. Sexting provides an excellent avenue for discussing intimate matters with your partner without being physically present. Express your desires, convey how you envision exploring their body in novel ways, and observe their reactions to your words. This serves as a valuable initial step for transitioning into in-person dirty talk.
A crucial note: Before delving into explicit conversations, ensure that both you and your partner establish boundaries by openly discussing any words or topics that are off-limits.

Guide their actions with consideration for their emotions

Ready to start talking dirty in the bedroom? Tell them what you want them to do to you. If it’s oral sex, say it. Do you want anal sex or to be bent over in the shower and taken from behind? Let them know. Is sensual, drawn-out, slow sex what you’re after? Don’t be afraid to say it.
Take things a step further by letting them know how you want to make them feel. “You’re going to be so overcome when I do XYZ to your dick/pussy.”

Gradually escalate the intensity of dirty talking

Sudden jumps from zero to 100 not only make it more difficult to confidently engage in dirty talk with your partner but can also be surprising, potentially disrupting the mood for both of you.

Here’s a playful suggestion: explore the realm of roleplaying and experimenting with different locations for intimacy. A shift in scenery could encourage you to be more expressive and break away from your usual routine, including any habits of speaking in a particular manner during sexual encounters. Take things a step further by letting them know how you want to make them feel. “You’re going to be so overcome when I do XYZ to your dick/pussy.”

Consider trying out roleplay

If the thought of exploring sexy talk still makes you nervous. Think about testing the waters from an entirely different angle — not as yourself. In a roleplaying scenario, sex partners can assume a character and interact with each other in a way they typically wouldn’t. This can be anything from playing with exhibitionism by having sex in public (even if that’s just sex in front of a mirror) or a strict teacher and naughty student.
Plus, roleplay is an item many people want to check off their sex bucket list.