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Build Intimacy With Shower Sex – Hellove Class #17

shower sex

It appears that shower sex receives either enthusiastic approval or strong disapproval from individuals. On one side, there are limited options for sexual positions, and the logistics of having sex in the shower can be challenging, especially with height differences between partners leading to awkward moments. However, as repeatedly emphasized on the Between Our Thighs blog, the focus is not solely on penetrative sex, whether involving a penis or a sex toy.
Indeed, a sensual shower provides an excellent avenue for fostering intimacy without engaging in sexual intercourse among couples and can undoubtedly be used to captivate your partner. But how can you leverage the primal sexual allure of this uncomplicated activity?

Experience Pleasure Beyond Your Usual Routine

A fantastic method to sustain the spark in a relationship is to infuse it with novelty and excitement. Rather than succumbing to a monotonous routine, introduce variety by exploring something different—such as engaging in intimate moments in the shower. Sharing a sensual encounter in an unconventional setting, experimenting with fresh positions (like opting for standing instead of lying down), injects a renewed energy into your intimate life. Even altering the timing, like indulging in a morning shower rather than the customary bedtime routine, can bring a thrilling element to the experience!

Find Our the Secrets Under Warm Water

Interested in enhancing your bedroom skills? The initial and most effective approach is to familiarize yourself with your partner’s body, understanding their most responsive erogenous zones, their reactions to specific types of touch, and their preferred kissing techniques. Introduce a continuous cascade of warm water enveloping both of you, elevating the sensuality to a whole new level. This steamy setting is perfect for unveiling the intricacies of your body and serves as an ideal backdrop for the one undertaking the exploration.

shower sex

Cleanse Each Other’s Bodies.

This goes beyond merely acquainting yourself with your partner’s body; it’s an excellent method for nurturing intimacy. When you meticulously wash each other, moving with deliberate and gentle gestures from head to toe, you forge an emotional connection that demonstrates your attentiveness and consideration. The experience is simultaneously captivating, soothing, and a reaffirmation of your love through this uncomplicated act of service.

Engage Oral Sex

The most pristine you’ll probably be is while in the shower, making shower sex indulging in oral intimacy beneath the cascade of water both deeply personal and alluring. Whether you’re providing oral pleasure or receiving it, you and your partner can maneuver your bodies and adjust hip angles for more accessible and pleasurable positions leading to climax.
If engaging in oral activities in the shower isn’t appealing, you might explore manual stimulation, such as giving a handjob or engaging in fingering. Alternatively, watching each other self-pleasure can also be an enticing option. After all, self-pleasure has its own health benefits!

shower sex

Relax amongst the jets

If you aim to foster a more fulfilling connection, consider unwinding and relieving stress. What more delightful method than indulging in a jacuzzi tub? If you’re fortunate to have one at your disposal, immerse your body up to your torso in the soothing and effervescent water, recline, and unwind! It’s a lavish shared experience, whether engaged in conversation while enjoying calming music or savoring moments of silence with the gentle hum of the motor and bubbling water in the background.

Few Reminders

  • Lay down a bathmat. Be careful with your footing; a slip and fall can quickly ruin a sensual shower.
  • Stabilize yourself with a hand against the wall. While there aren’t many steady things to hold onto in the shower, placing your hands against the wall can help keep you upright and from falling.
  • Be careful not to get soap where it can burn or sting. Who wants that kind of discomfort during what should be a sexy time?
  • Treat shower sex like foreplay. Remember: it’s not about penetration, but rather about exploring each other and fostering a sense of intimacy and sensuality.
  • Use silicone-based lubricant. Water-based lubricants easily wash away, and plain water is not a substitute for lube.