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A Review by a Sex Blogger Tests Three Rabbit Vibrators

This guest article is penned by Tayila. Tayila, a sex educator, pleasure activist, Heaux Mentor, abortion doula, and sex toy advocate, is committed to providing accessible, free, and straightforward sex education for individuals with human bodies. Tayila’s mission is to cultivate a world where sex and shame no longer intersect. Keep up with Tayila on Patreon, Instagram, or Twitter. Today, Tayila will gave us her three rabbit vibrator choices.

An Groundbreaking Rabbit Vibrator

Let’s start with the Expandable Lover by Hellove. Now, I might be a tad biased since I own a few rabbit vibrators and really enjoy them! The Expandable Lover features dual motors, dual stimulation, and powerful vibrations. With its dual motors, you have access to 10 vibration combinations! But that’s not all. It also boasts a smart heating mode! As the shaft expands and extends (hence the name Thick & Thrust! — wink wink hehe), it adjusts to your body temperature, making it an incredibly satisfying experience to use.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant to try a toy with thrusting capabilities. However, the gentle expanding motion, combined with the rabbit clit stimulator, surpassed my expectations! It felt like an indulgent experience, akin to experiencing pleasure with a partner. The combination of the rabbit ears and water-based lube created a sensation reminiscent of oral sex, adding an extra layer of excitement. I highly recommend the Expandable Lover for beginners in the world of sex toys, as it promises to enhance solo playtime with its versatility and performance.

A Classic Rabbit Vibrator

Next up, we’ve got a SUPER LOVELY bunny! This toy is a bit gentler compared to the Expandable Lover. It’s your classic rabbit vibrator setup, with dual motors and dual stimulation, just like the one before. The Bunny Girthy comes with a beautifully curved shaft that’s perfect for hitting the G-spot, and it’s got these flexible rabbit “ears” too. This toy offers a whopping 16+16 vibration functions, so even though it doesn’t have the fancy heating feature, it still packs a punch in terms of vibes. But here’s the kicker – unlike the Expandable Lover, this baby is totally ready for a dip! The Bunny Girthy isn’t just waterproof, it’s submersible! Now, it might not be my absolute fave, but it definitely gets the job done! I’d totally recommend this toy for beginners who are into dual stimulation, insertable toys, and direct clit action.

A Trending Rabbit Vibrator

Last but definitely not least, the GAUC! This toy is a bit more intense compared to the Expandable Lover and just as rumbling and lively as the Bunny Girthy! The Bunny Girthy is quad, yes, quad-stimulating vibes! Vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, anal stimulation, and a special surprise. Each motor has 10 speeds and functions, made from flexible silicone, and can be charged via USB!

At first glance, I thought this toy would totally be my jam, but alas, maybe 4 spots hitting just way to HARD to me LOOOOL.

Reviewing Three Rabbit Vibrators

Overall, all these toys have their own perks! I’ve ranked and described them in order from most favorite to least favorite. I love the Expandable Lover for its powerful vibrations and fullness smart heating and expanding shaft! The design of the Bunny Girthy is a winner for me because it effortlessly hits my G-spot, and the movement is minimal! And the GAUC, oh boy, I’m all about those rumbling vibes and the adventurous quad penetration!

While I could say all these toys are the best in the market, these toy reviews can’t guarantee they’re the right fit for you. All I can do is give you a peek into my experience – so hope you can vibe with that! As always, lovely people, take care of yourselves responsibly!