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A Beginner’s Guide to Squirt – Hellove Class #24


Squirt is like the hot topic everyone talks about, whether you’re straight, gay, or somewhere in between. But why all the hype? Well, porn plays a big role in that. It shows squirting as this mind-blowing, room-flooding experience that everyone supposedly loves. But let’s be real, porn isn’t always accurate. Those scenes can make it seem like squirting is easy and expected, putting pressure on partners and making it harder to actually achieve. But squirting isn’t just some new thing—it’s been around for ages. We just don’t always talk about it openly. So, this blog’s here to give you the real deal on squirting, without all the exaggerations and myths.

The Lowdown You Need About Squirt

Is Squirt Really Just Pee?

Squirt is this fluid stuff that comes out of the same place as pee, but it’s different. It mixes with other liquids from these glands near where pee comes out. These glands can even stretch to hold more fluid. So, yeah, there might be a tiny bit of pee in there, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go!

What’s Squirting Like in Terms of Looks, Smell, and Taste?

The liquid from the Skene’s Glands often has a creamy, milky color, which might get mixed with enzymes from squirt. However, this color doesn’t reflect your health or how virile you are. In studies, they found that squirting sessions could range from 0.1 to 5.7 ounces of fluid on average. The taste was described as sweet and sugary, with no noticeable scent.

What’s the Sensation of Squirting Like?

Squirting can happen before or during climax and doesn’t always coincide with the sensation of orgasm. While the intensity of squirting varies from person to person, it generally leads to high levels of satisfaction. In a international survey, about 80% of participants reported that squirting significantly enhanced their sex lives. Some can experience those explosive orgasms seen in mainstream porn, while others may find it hard to differentiate from their usual orgasms. There’s no surefire way to predict how squirting will feel or look for you until you give it a shot. Commonly described sensations include a warm build-up between the legs and increased pressure on the bladder. Some also mention that feeling the fluid exit the urethra adds to the intensity of their orgasms.

Step-By-Step Guide to Squirting

Key Components for an Ideal Squirt

  • Lubricant
  • Sensual Playlist
  • Sex Toys You Like

Step 1: Always Foreplay

Foreplay is crucial for squirting as it allows the body to progress through the arousal stages needed for vaginal ejaculation. The Sexual Response Cycle illustrates how the body undergoes physiological changes leading to orgasm. To activate the Skene’s Glands, it’s vital to extend foreplay duration, allowing ample time for these transformations. Relaxation is key. Opt for gentle foreplay methods like massage, mutual masturbation, or dirty talk. Enhance sensations with lubricants or finger vibrators. Don’t rush; ensure peak arousal before moving forward.

Step 2: Engage G-Spot

Now that you’ve completed the first step, let’s dive into some top positions for squirting. Squirting is all about stimulating the tissues around the clitoris, and many find the G-spot to be the key. It’s located about 1-3 inches inside the vaginal opening on the roof of the vaginal canal. With proper foreplay, locating it should be easy. Apply gentle pressure with your finger, a toy, or a partner’s hands in a rhythmic motion to trigger squirting.

Step 3: Loosen Your Pelvic Muscles

Now that things are heating up, it’s time to release any physical inhibitions. Squirting requires deep comfort and relaxation. Sometimes, our bodies instinctively resist the intensity of orgasms by tensing up or trying to control the sensations. But now’s not the time for that! Focus on your pelvic floor and consciously release these muscles as they tighten. It might feel strange at first since our natural response to pleasure is to contract. Keep stimulating yourself or let your partner continue as you allow your pleasure to build.

Step 4: Let it Out

Some suggest pushing down on the pelvic floor to squirt, but I find this puts too much pressure on the person squirting to react. After spending time relaxing these muscles, it’s counterproductive to exert yourself. Instead, try opening and closing the urethra by pulling upwards with your pelvic muscles, like doing a Kegel. This engages the same muscles involved in orgasm without straining the rest of your body. Using a Kegel weight in exercises can improve control over time.

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