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Preview of Four Free Gifts from Hellove

Hey there! Exciting news about our latest Hellove deal: Spend just $59, and voila! You get free shipping PLUS a chance to select one of our free gifts! Use the promo code or pick it right from your shopping cart. Happy Hellove!

Snowman Vibrator (SNOWMANVIBRATOR)

Snowman Clit Sucking Vibrator in Red


Totally waterproof, charges with a magnetic snap, and has ten suckin’ modes. Top women product of our free gifts!

It’s not just a mega-sucker, it’s also got this cute vibe going on with its design – like, legit decor material! Whether it’s for Christmas or just to jazz up your space, this festive little buddy is here to boost your mood big time!

Rose Tongue Licking Vibrator (ROSETONGUELICKING)

Hellove® Rose Tongue Licking Vibrator


Ten ways to get your groove on, charges up with USB, and soft petal action.

Who could say no to a soft, dazzling, and oh-so-practical rose? Meet your tongue’s new playmate from the super-useful Rose Vibrator series: it’s got this beautiful design that mimics a flower bud, and its soft, premium silicone feel lets it bloom in your bedroom without losing its charm.

Lisa Realistic Textured Pocket Masturbation Cup


The ultimate crowd-pleaser! No doubt, a go-to favorite for guys. Top male product of our free gifts!

No frills on the looks or fancy features – we’re all about the ride after you’re in. The inner textures make you close your eyes and take a deep breath, and the high-quality silicone makes cleaning a piece of cake. Easy to carry, easy to clean, and when it gonna cum, she’s a real MVP.

Lisa Realistic Textured Pocket Pussy Masturbation Cup

Remote Control Butt Dual Vibrating Beaded Anal Vibrator


Double the buzz, and trust me, those beads work some serious magic.

These full-bodied beads are here to fulfill your desires. With ten different vibes and noise staying under 45 decibels, this thing can even join you in the water! Just imagine the extra thrill in your bath or shower – it’s a game-changer.

10 vibration Beading Prostate Vibrator Anal Plug