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Add Nipple Play in Your Pleasure Life

If you or your partner find pleasure in breast and nipple play, a recent study from The Sex might offer insights into why. The brain’s genital sensory cortex was found to activate during nipple stimulation, akin to stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix. Some researchers speculate that oxytocin. A feel-good hormone released during nursing, labor, and sexual activity, may be responsible for activating these brain regions.

How to Stimulate the Nipples?

Licking, sucking, nibbling, pulling, and/or squeezing the nipples are commonly favored methods of stimulating this erogenous zone. Furthermore, in a study on human arousal, it was found that approximately 82% of young individuals with vulvas and 52% of young individuals with penises reported experiencing arousal or recognizing peaks in their arousal through nipple stimulation.

Numerous individuals who derive pleasure from nipple stimulation often seek out various sexual accessories tailored to enhance their nipple play encounters. Here, we’ll explore some of the most sought-after techniques.

Nipple play novices often opt for nipple clamps initially. These clamps, a fundamental tool for those delving into nipple stimulation or elongating foreplay, form part of the BDSM arsenal. They exert pressure on the areola and are frequently paired with diverse foreplay techniques. Tugging or flicking the clamps can deliver sudden bursts of sensation.

For enhancing nipple stimulation, vibrators offer a straightforward and efficient solution. Opting for vibrators with a tapered tip is advisable, as it enhances control and precision during use.

A feather tickler entices and teases like nothing else. These accessories, geared toward foreplay, effectively guide a hesitant partner toward a state of relaxation. The gentler, more ticklish sensations offered by feather ticklers often prove more inviting than the intense vibrations of a powered vibrator, particularly appealing to individuals with sensitive breast tissue.

To Choose the Nipple Clamps

Alligator & Bullnose Clamps: 
With a shape resembling the head of an alligator or bull, both alligator clamps and bullnose clamps boast a flat and wide design. Sold alongside a rubber or silicone buffer, these clamps aim to minimize potential damage to the breasts during stimulation. Additionally, appreciating the versatility of alligator and bullnose clamps, users can tailor the intensity of their experience gradually as they approach the clamp’s edge.

Tweezer Clamps: 
Offer another method for applying pressure to the nipples.

Magnetic Clamps: 
For individuals accustomed to and fond of nipple clamps, these piercing-inspired sex accessories offer an excellent choice. Magnetic nipple clamps utilize magnetic force to create weight, thereby preventing the wearer from adjusting the pressure.

Vibrating Clamps: 
Nipple clamps with vibration incorporate a small motor, enabling users to blend sensations of pressure and vibration. The addition of vibration to nipple play is favored by many, as it ensures a consistent stream of stimulation.