Hellove® Layla Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup


  • Detachable inside part
  • Unique liquor bottle design
  • Provides a ultra-realistic feel
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Soft, waterproof for easy cleaning and use
  • Made of body-safe silicone material for safety
  • Discreet packaging without any pictures or words about masturbation cup
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Introducing our Layla Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup, where style meets functionality. Its exterior mimics the sophisticated appeal of a liquor bottle, crafted from a soft, pliable material for a comfortable grip. The detachable and washable inner lining ensures practicality, while the stimulating textures and discreetly designed passage add a sensory dimension, offering both visual appeal and subtle arousal support. With a 3D realistic design, this cup stands out as a unique and conversation-starting addition to your collection, elevating your drinking experience with the perfect blend of aesthetics and intrigue.

Wine Bottle Design

Layla features a discreet and portable design, cleverly emulating the appearance of a standard liquor bottle. Its discreet nature allows for subtle storage, ensuring privacy and convenience. Crafted with portability in mind, the cup’s exterior mirrors the sleek contours of a liquor bottle, providing a discreet and easily concealable pleasure experience. The compact and inconspicuous design makes it an ideal companion for those seeking both discretion and convenience in their intimate moments.

3D Realistic Design

The 3D simulated design of the aircraft cup is a testament to its exceptional realism. Precision engineering has been employed to recreate an authentic and lifelike experience. The intricately crafted details, including textures and contours, deliver a heightened sense of realism, elevating the overall sensory experience. This meticulous 3D design ensures that users can enjoy an immersive and genuine sensation, making the cup a standout choice for those seeking an exceptionally realistic and satisfying encounter.

Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup
Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup

About Chanel

It is crafted from waterproof and skin-friendly materials, ensuring a dry and smooth experience. This carefully selected material not only prevents moisture but also provides a silky touch akin to real skin. The highly realistic design incorporates intricate textures and contours, delivering intense yet comfortable stimulation. This combination of waterproof functionality, skin-like feel, and heightened realism creates a profoundly satisfying and comfortable experience for users.

Maintain Hardness

This cup features an internally comfortable and snug design, offering users a distinctively pleasurable experience. With a carefully crafted channel structure designed for maximum comfort, the soft and embracing material creates a tight sensation, assisting in maintaining an erection. This design not only prioritizes the user’s sensory satisfaction but also underscores the significance of endurance, making the masturbation cup an ideal choice for both comfort and sustained support during intimate moments.

Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup
Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup

Disassembly and Easy to Clean

Layla stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring convenient disassembly and easy-cleaning capabilities. Thoughtful engineering allows users to effortlessly disassemble the cup, facilitating thorough cleaning and maintenance. This feature ensures not only a high standard of hygiene but also simplifies the overall care routine. With a focus on practicality, the aircraft cup provides a hassle-free experience, making it an ideal choice for those who value both pleasure and ease of use.

Bottle Concealment

Layla is ingeniously designed with the appearance of an external liquor bottle, allowing for discreet placement anywhere without arousing suspicion. This clever disguise not only provides a sense of privacy but also ensures that it can be conveniently and inconspicuously stored. The exterior mimicking a liquor bottle adds a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile and discreet choice for users seeking both style and secrecy in their intimate experiences.

Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup
Realistic Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup

Specifications of the Liquor Bottle Masturbation Cup

  • Material: Skin-friendly silicone+ TPR+ PE
  • Color: Black
  • Function: Male masturbator
  • Features: Liquor bottle design, 3D realistic texture vaginal, Waterproof
  • Waterproof: Separable interior part; no need to wash the whole sex machine.
  • Weight: 600g
  • Size: As picture

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg





Silicone, ABS, TRP



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    Pa***** Fi****

    Great feeling

    This added a spark to our sex life. My SO said it feels amazing. 

    April 16, 2024
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Ko*** Wi*********

    First timer with a male sex toy

    Kinda fun

    November 17, 2023
    Verified Purchase

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