Hellove® Rechargeable Electric Penis Pump


  • Detachable inside part
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Made of body-safe silicone material for safety
  • Keep you maintain hardness consistently, showcasing a man’s strength
Rechargeable Electric Penis Pump
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Feeling too tired from work? Under too much stress? Can’t focus during sexual encounters? Don’t worry about these troubles that are bothering you. Our Hellove® Rechargeable Electric Penis Pump can help you regain your state instantly, making you be yourself again in front of your partner! Reclaim your manhood!

Maximize Your State

The hardness of your erection fundamentally determines the quality of sexual intercourse. Is your erection not as firm as you’d like it to be? Take a look at the effects this product can offer, ensuring the quality of your erections and maximizing your potential to achieve the best state possible.

Strong Suction

As a straightforwardly designed electric erection aid, its suction power is its proudest feature. Unlike medications, it doesn’t harm your body insidiously; instead, it activates your penis with gentle, pleasurable sensations that your body enjoys. The silicone sleeve can simulate the feeling of entering a real vagina, while the transparent channel design makes the entire process visual, adding more excitement.

Rechargeable Design

Considering that you may need its assistance at any time, this electric penis pump comes with USB charging functionality, compatible with laptop interfaces, power banks, and wall outlets. Charging for three hours can provide it with four hours of battery life, ensuring more than enough power to accompany your sexual life.

Safe Materials

As shown in the picture, you can see that our choice of materials includes body-friendly ABS and medical-safe silicone. The overall product composition is very straightforward, user-friendly, and the materials are reliable.

Specifications of the Rechargeable Electric Penis Pump

  • Material: Soft silicone+ ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Powerful suction,USB charging
  • Weight: 358g

Additional information

Weight0.358 kg
Dimensions29.5 × 6.9 cm



Body-friendly ABS and medical-safe silicone



Power Type



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